German American Partnership Program

Lufthansa supports the GAPP program by offering special rates for students and teachers who wish to explore Germany.

New deposit and reservation rules for 2021:

$100 per seat deposit payable 21 days from confirming the group (check only).

No penalties due if number of reserved seats is reduced 90 days before departure or if group is canceled 90 days before departure.

Less than 90 days before departure, 90% of the group seats kept must be used, or the $100 deposit paid per unused seat is forfeited. Applicable reduction fees will be deducted from the group deposit.

• Passengers must stay a minimum of 14 days and no longer than 3 months.

• Date deviations are permitted for 30% of the group westbound only. The fare may be different than the group fare.

• Ticket payment is due 35 days before departure. Tickets issued upon payment received. Once paid for, tickets may be refunded less a $300.00 per person cancellation penalty. There is a $300.00 per person fee for date changes after tickets are issued, subject to availability.

• If 10 students travel one teacher's ticket base fare will be discounted by 25%, and if 20 passengers travel the 21st ticket will be free. These passengers must still pay taxes and surcharges.

• Final ticket payment is due 35 days before departure, and must be paid by check (school or personal).